Chapter 3-The Rise of the Tech-Alphas


Lions are brought up by their families in a pride. At around two years of age, the male lions are driven away by their own family, because the other male lions fear their competition. There are only one or few male lions in a pride with multiple females. The alpha male leads the pride. He gets most food and most female mates. But the position of the alpha is never secure. When the young lions outside the pride feel strong enough, they challenge the leader and fight; often until either the older defending lion or, the younger challenger dies.

Modern large internet companies usually manage to maintain a positive image to the outside world. But if you look closer to their behaviour, how they defend their turf and try to attack others, you will see the power structure in tech markets resembles the violent pride-structure of the lions.

Since there is no other proper term, this book names such a market ‘alpha-market’. An alpha-market is a technological market with oligopolistic or monopolistic tendencies. A ‘tech-alpha’ is an influential technological company holding a dominant position on one or more alpha-markets.

Alpha market - Market in free competition

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