Chapter 4-Structure of Society


The purpose of this book is to keep humanity safe from AI. This chapter discusses several aspects of our society. Most of them appear to have no relation to AI, but appearances are deceiving. We have entered a complicated chess game with AI enabled governmental and private organisations. Losing control to AI is a slow process that has already started. All the moves on the board matter for the outcome. All subjects in this chapter are relevant for how the power is divided between the few with power, money and AI on one side and the vast majority on the other side.

Widening Income Gap

Centuries ago, the world used to be unequal with great wealth for nobles and a small group of wealthy businessmen. After the First World War (1914 – 1918) something remarkable happened. Incomes started to converge, and capital goods (property, shares, money, etc.) became smaller as a part of the total economy.

The American statistician Kuznets first noticed this remarkable convergence.

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