Chapter 6-Kickstarting the new future


Chapter 1 to 4 explain how the world looks like. Chapter 5 show how it should look like. The missing piece is how we get from the present to the future.

The proposal of this book require a large change in our society. The consequence is that a small group of people loses trillions of dollars in lost value of big-tech shares. But the dollar-sum this privileged group loses is smaller as the gain in welfare the majority of smaller companies and citizens will enjoy. If we do not measure dollars, but happiness, the gain will be even bigger.

The great diplomat Henry Kissinger remarked in 2018: The Enlightenment started with essentially philosophical insights spread by a new technology. Our period is moving in the opposite direction. It has generated a potentially dominating technology in search of a guiding philosophy.

This Manifesto is a guiding philosophy with its roots in the principles of Montesquieu to spread power widely and the ideas of Adam Smith to replace oligopolies and monopolies by free and competitive markets.

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