Download Cartoons

Terms for Downloading Pictures

We invite you to download the pictures of our book and use them. We allow both commercial and non-commercial re-use of the pictures. We provide all pictures in 3 formats:

We hope these cartoons will promote our website and our cause for an equal and safe society. Therefore you must follow below instructions, when you use our images:

  • You may re-use our images if you mention with the drawing the text “©”. If you use the image in an electronic medium like a website or PDF, the image must be a clickable and lead to the URL
  • Each image has the small letters in the picture. You may not remove this text in the image. You may not change our pictures in any other way, without our written permission.
  • If you use our cartoon, you must send a URL or PDF of the publication to We want to track where they are used.”

.jpg File

for regular use


.png File

with transparant background


.eps File

which is vector bases. This file is practical, if you need a high resolution image.