Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy, but we also collect some data from our users.

Our website has cookies. Those cookies help us to understand the visitors of our website on a meta-level. We d
o not use cookies to track you on an individual level.

Maybe you will post information on our forum that is of great interest to us or to other visitors of the website. In that case, it might be possible we contact you by email with an information request.

We use your email address, if there is a security concern or there is an account related issue. In the account-info, you can adjust your privacy settings and mention when you want to be informed about certain matters. We will not give your data to other parties, unless we are forced to do so by the German or Swiss government.

Our WordPress website is hosted with, a Dutch company with a good reputation for security. The server is located in Germany. hosts our email. Proton is one of the most secure email providers of the world. Part of the management team came from CERN, the creator of the internet. All emails are encrypted and stored in a bunker in Switzerland. Our email address is